Hey babes! Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Today I will be sharing my brownie recipe. Enjoy!!! Continue reading


Creamy pasta


Anybody who knows me really well knows that I love Italian food and pasta. Even though there are a lot of recipes, I tend to improvise and just eat what I’ve created. And that’s what I did last time. Today I will be sharing a creation that I’ve come up with and it tasted too delicious to not write about it. Hehe self confidence. #SorryNotSorry Oh and did I tell you that it’s meat free? Continue reading

Pistolet recipe

Hey hey! Yesterday I was craving this kind of bread at 11 PM but the grocery stores and bakeries were closed. So I decided to make it myself. This kind of bread is called a pistolet. Well at least, that’s what I was going for. If you visit a Flemish or Brussels bakery, you will be able to buy them. They are sooo delicious. But anyway, back to this post. If you’re interested in how I made them you should keep reading. Continue reading

Juice recipe

Red Currant Berries


Hey pals! How are you all doing? I wanted to write several posts and I had some concepts on my phone but my iPhone broke. It’s a very sad story. I had typed out this whole article and when I tried saving it, it all disappeared. Such a bummer. Here I am at the Starbucks starting all over again. I don’t even have pictures anymore, but you don’t really need much. The picture above shows one ingredient. Interested? I am …  Continue reading

Lay’s Collection Tapas


This is kind of a random post. But I recently discovered Lay’s new flavors. It may be possible that they’ve available in the stores for several months, but for me they’re new. It’s the tapas collection from Lay’s. Tapas is a Spanish thing. I guess you can compare it to little starters at a restaurant. Or just some fingerfood for when you want something with your drink. The flavors are pesto and olives. To me, pesto reminds me of Italy and olives of Greece. Continue reading