Estee Lauder lash primer


Hey babes! Today I decided to post something about makeup. As you may or may not know, I don’t really wear makeup. I opt for the natural look. Lately I wanted to try mascara but still be subtle because I believe that less is more. That’s when a tinted lash primer comes in handy.


I went to Ici Paris XL; a perfumery. Since I had a positive experience with Estee Lauder in the past I decided to check out the brand again. I explored the mascaras of the brand and spotted a primer. The lovely lady at the store provided me with information about the primer.

There are two primers; a subtile black one and a transparent one. The lady told me that the primer nourishes the lashes and thus will benefit from the primer. It’s a perfect base and fine as well to wear on it’s own. So I decided to go with black.

The brush is curved and easy to handle. It gets the little lashes in the corner of the eye. I noticed my lashes being lifted and curled a little.


To be fair, my lashes are naturally long, a bit lifted and curled. But I noticed a slight improvement. I only applied the primer on my top lashes. As I said in the beginning; less is more. I felt I was overdoing it if I’d done the bottom lashes too.

What is your favorite mascara and way to apply?




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