Quick update


Hey beautiful people! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

It’s been a week since my return from Italy. Being there I realized that I hadn’t blogged for way too long. I considered vlogging my experience, but my phone didn’t want to cooperate with my idea. Luckily I was able to snap a few moments. Maybe I will share them later on, but I am very exited to start blogging again. The picture above was taken by my lovely sister in front of a church in Tiarno di Sotto. I love how the church gave so much life to the pic.


Ahh, Castelvecchio … it was too nice to not take a panorama picture. I love having pictures with a story. We were strolling through Verona (city of love, I know) and suddenly we were standing in front of the castle. I had been annoying my parents and siblings for a few days because I love exploring and learning about other cultures but they just wanted to chill out. My sister still makes fun of me because of that, yet that’s ok! Anyway, we casually came across the Castelvecchio. It’s just a square castle build with red bricks and with very little decoration. As you can see they kept the square pretty empty and full of space. A nice example of the Gothic architecture of the 14th era. Castelvecchio is Italian for ‘square castle’. Makes sense, right? Hehe

I hope you enjoyed this quick update. Maybe I’ll be writing more about the vacation. But I am definitely going to start blogging again.

Thank you for reading!




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