Budgetproof lipliners

Hey there! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I know I am. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Spring is definitely here. And because of that, I treated myself with to two new lipliners. Hope you like them. 

The upper one is Catrice 100 Upper Brown Side.
The lower one is Essence 08 Red Blush.

The nude one has a good structure. It smears out easily and is well pigmented. The writing on the pencil says it’s waterproof and longlasting. I’ve noticed that it is indeed longlasting and even after drinking, the color stays on beautifully.

The red one has a beautiful color, but the tip of the pencil breaks off too easily. It’s very delicate. You do need to reapply it because it wears off too quickly. Non the less, I adore the color.


No product.


Catrice 100 Upper Brown Side


Essence 08 Red Blush

I find the nude color so beautiful. It’s very natural looking. As for the red, I do love the color. But it’s harder to apply. And definitely when my lips are dry.

I don’t think I would by the Essence liner again because of the bad structure. The Catrice one I would definitely stock up. The color is awesome and it smears easily.

Do you use lipliners?




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