One week off


Hey y’all! Those of you who follow me on Instagram may already know I went on vacation. I needed some time off and some sunshine. I had just finished my exams and Belgium was soooo cold. So I booked the first flight to Casablanca. It was sunny everyday and I was able to see my fam again. Always good to catch up.


Can you believe I had my exam Thursday (January, 28th) in the morning and that afternoon my flight would depart? I was that desperate to see some sun hehe. It was very relaxing to fly again. Nobody who bothers you. I watched a documentary called ‘An Honest Liar’. It’s about magicians and illusionists.


Three hours later, I arrived at my destination and went to the Mc Donalds with my cousins and uncle. Even though I had slept nearly four hours the night before, we stayed out until 1AM. I’ve even vlogged my trip, but I feel so embarrassed that I have decided to only show the vlogs to my cousins over here and my best friends.


A few days later, me and my cousins went swimming. We always have a good time together. Later that day, we strolled over the boulevard to the mall and had dinner there.


The day after, I had a brunch with my auntie. She had a traditional breakfast and I ordered a chicken panini with a strawberry-pear smoothie. Normally I am not a big fan of pear but the smoothie was literally heaven. After that, we were running some errands.


And later that day, we celebrated the 5th birthday of my cousin. I hope he enjoyed it. One day later, I was running some errands again. Merely because it was my last full day and I wanted to buy something to remind me of this week. The last thing I did was going to the hairdresser. I told her to do whatever she liked with my hair because I got tired of my long hair. I may share a picture soon.


So that was about it. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I had vlogged 6 out of 8 days. And that’s what kept me busy on the way back home. Editing them. I respect all those youtubers out there. Editing takes a lot of time, let alone uploading them.

Did you go on vacation?
If yes, where did you go?




Say something :)

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