Estee Lauder Restless (Limited Edition)


Hi guys. If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve got a new lipstick. It’s Kendall Jenner’s shade by Estee Lauder. Restless. Do you want to know whether I like it or not? Well, here it goes …


First off: the case is matt and limited edition. I love matt packaging so this is a plus. And instead of “Estee Lauder”, Kendall’s autograph is on the golden part of the lid.


When you open up the lipstick, the color pops right out. The picture doesn’t do the color any justice. In real life, it’s something between coraly orange and red. Or as Estee Lauder says it so nicely:

Part poppy. Part orange crush. All matte. All Kendall. 


I swatched it on my hand. One coat gives so much pigmentation. I literally can’t handle it. Estee Lauder, you did a good job!

First of all. Sorry for my horrible picture quality. I took them with my front camera and the weather was so bad all week. So this is all I’ve got. :(

In the first picture you see my bare lips. No foundation. Only a little bit of eyebrow powder.
The third picture shows the lipstick. Perfect for a party or special occasions. But too much to wear on a normal day for me.
And in the middle picture you see how I would wear it if I do decide on wearing it to go for Starbucks or to go shopping. My lips but better was the idea when I lightly dabbed it with my pinky.

I hope you liked this post. I paid €33.11 for this lipstick. But every country has different prices.

Do you love the shade?



Disclaimer: the product is to order online exclusively. So if you want it, you should hurry up because it’s a limited edition.


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