DIY: gift bags

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the feast of breaking the fast and I decided to make little gift bags for my cousins and sisters. I love the smile on the face of the little ones. And … I made a DIY project out of it. 

My mom once bought little gift bags and that’s how I came up with the idea to fill them with little treats. You can fill it up with whatever your heart desires. But I went with a Capri-Sonne, a bounty, and some candy.

After that, I went on my laptop to type out the names. I also downloaded this font (Satisfaction) because it looks cool. The wrinkles in the paper were necessary to make cutting them out a lot easier.

The light color in the previous picture wasn’t an accident. I did that on purpose to write over it in gold. Thought it would give the gifts a nice, personal touch. 

I can’t wait to see the reaction on my cousins’ face. 😇 I’m so exited!

Do you buy or make presents for special occasions?




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