Vaseline Intensive Care cocoa radiant

Hey you guys! A few weeks ago I was looking for a good moisturizer because my skin was very dry, damaged and itchy. I had read about these Vaseline moisturizers on a few blogs. I immediately went to the store but the only Vaseline stuff I’ve seen in my local drug stores are the lip balms (made a review a while ago). Yet I was so exited to try it because of all the positive reviews.

I ordered it online on a Dutch webshop (link). Well, actually I asked my good friend to order it for me. Love her! Anyway, the next day it arrived and I started using it right away. It felt so soft on my skin and not sticky at all. My first impression was really good. And oh, do I love the smell. I guess it’s the cocoa.

As you can see it’s creamy and smears good. It doesn’t leave a white shine nor feel sticky afterwards. You can compare the softness of your skin to a baby’s bum. I may try other scents in the future. But as for now I am hooked to the cocoa version.

This moisturizer costs €3.74.

What is your favorite moisturizer/body lotion?




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