Quick update

Hey you guys! I’m writing you from the subway. I have finals this month, so it’s going to be very silent from this side. But I will do my best to post at least 1 thing after this little chat. I’m not really big at planning. But Mascha (Dutch blogger/vlogger) inspired me to try it.

So hopefully it will work out and then I may be able to plan in some time during my study period to write more. I can tell that I want to write something about a product that I’ve used. But I’m not yet going to tell what type of product it is.

If you guys have any suggestions, whether it’s a tag or a specific request, feel free to comment down below. Or if you have a question, shoot! I will answer asap.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day. And for those who have any upcoming tests or anything else, good luck!

What subway should I order next time?




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