Chicken noodles


Hey sweetiepies! Last year when I had finals, I used to eat fries or other unhealthy food. Everything that I could make easily and quickly. But I miss my veggies. So I try to eat more healthy than I used to do before. Even if it takes ten more minutes. Today I made chicken with noodles.


I sliced my chicken filet in squares and marinated it with soy sauce, salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika and basil. As for veggies I used carrot, broccoli and mushrooms (champignons). I came up with this at the very moment I saw the noodles. I went for the oriental vibe.

Take a wok and place it on your stove. When it’s hot, throw a greasy substance (such as butter or oil) in the pan. Throw in your chicken and fry the edges. Next throw in your carrot and broccoli. Let it cook, fling it up a few times. Now add the mushrooms. Put a little bit of water in the wok and cover the wok with any lid. Let everything boil for a few minutes.


Put boiled water over the noodles. When they loosen up, cut them because otherwise they will be too long. Throw this water away and put your noodles over your veggies. Stir everything and let it cook for two more minutes. Serve your food in a bowl. You could eat it with a fork if you like. But I was in a Thai shop the other day and bought some stuff. One of the things were chopsticks. And I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use them.

I hope you liked this. Let me know if you recreated it by commenting or tagging me on social media :)

Do you love veggies?




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