Nail polish


Dear girly girls. I know you all love nail polish. I love it too. But I don’t wear it as often as most bloggers do. I do not even have a stash. But I have a few go-to colors. And I will share them with you.


1. Revlon Treat & Boost Let’s kick off with this base coat that nourishes your nails. I’ve been using it for about a month. My nails grew more quickly than usual. And they even got harder. I used to have very soft nails that broke easily.


2. NYC 232 Lincoln Center Ok. To be honest, I don’t wear this color a lot. Though it is one of my favorite colors. In winter I use it quite a lot on my toenails. But in spring and summer, it’s a no-go for me. Since it’s an old color, the structure became too thick. So excuse the bad manicure. :D


3. Essence Colour & Go Oh, do I love this taupe/grey color. I find it so sophisticated. Perfect for those days when you want to wear something on your nails, but it shouldn’t be jumping in one another’s face like “Look at me, I’m seeking attention”. My apologies, this one was as thick as maple syrup. I need a new one because I love this color. But all of the writing is gone. So I have no name or number. But it’s from the ‘colour & go‘ line.


4. Yves rocher 23 Roze Azalée This is my newest baby. It’s a hot pink. I think I will be wearing this one every day in summer. Doing a beach walk with pretty toenails. Going to a fastfood restaurant at the boardwalk. (Yes, I do enjoy fastfood from time to time.) It’s pretty obvious I am really looking forward to summer break. But hey, who isn’t?

Do you wear nail polish? What is your favorite brand/color?




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