Mac faux dupe


Hey, I recently found out that there is a budget proof dupe of the Mac Faux. Did you hear about it? It’s one of the colors Kylie Jenner uses. It’s very rare to see me with makeup on my face. Though I wear eyebrow powder but other than that, I’m sticking with the natural look and that’s why I didn’t want to pay €30 for a lipstick. Stay tuned to find out which one it is.


Tadum duum … It’s the Essence 05 Cool Nude. The packaging is clean but sleek. That’s how I like it. A subtile logo or just the brand name, that’s it. The best thing about the outside is the color. Notice that it is the same as the inside. Perfect for those days when you’re in a hurry and need a specific color. I personally don’t have a stash, so for me it gives no added value. Maybe one day, if I decide to start wearing makeup on a daily basis. But as for now it doesn’t really matter. This sentence reminds me of the song Mr. Probz – Nothing Really Matters.


I swatched it so you could see the color. This is only one coat of lipstick. I do think it’s well pigmented. Sorry for the bad lighting though.

Cool nude

Ok, sorry for the awkward webcam picture, but I wanted to show you how the color looks on my lips. Actually, the picture doesn’t do the color any justice. The yellow background, my orange face (no spray tan and no foundation, weird right? Guess it’s the bad lighting.) Anyway, I like the texture of the lipstick. I normally have very dry lips, a weird lip line and some spots on them. You can see that I’m wearing lipstick but it’s very subtile. I could recommend girls to buy it if they’re looking for a budget proof lipstick or if they are fan of the brand.

The dupe costs €2,39.

Would you spend over €20 for a lipstick?




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