Short or long hair


The battery of my phone (almost literally) died and I need to let Apple change it for me. Therefor I haven’t got a better picture where you can see the length of my hair. I am actually hesitating whether I should just let the hairdresser cut an inch or two of or whether I should let her cut it short.

I always dreamt of having that long, beautiful hair. But lately I’ve seen so many lovely short hairstyles. The big issue is that my natural hair is very curly. It isn’t easy to style it. Right now it takes up to two hours to just straighten it. But every time I see the result, it’s worth it.



This looks similar to the current length of my hair. I could just cut off a few centimeters. That means I’m getting rid of the split ends and my hair can grow better.

large (1)

If I do that, I will let it grow till this length. It might be possible that long hair suits me better than short hair. I honestly don’t know. The only problem is that I will need more time to wash it, dry it and straighten it.

large (2)

But it might also be possible that I will cut it short. I still didn’t make up my mind. I still have one day to think about it.

Which length do you prefer?




Source of the picture: 234


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