Suddenly this happened


Hello! Oh, God … Where do I start? The last few weeks were so hectic. My schedule was so inconvenient. I needed to plan everything I needed to do in between. I had to write a few essays, took my mother to the airport, had an excursion. And if that wasn’t enough, I was sick for a few days.

Luckily I’ve finished the essays, my mother is back safely and the excursion was better than I expected. We went to Brussels to talk to Spanish/Hispanic tourists and to make up from which country they are. I spoke to several people and most of them were from Spain. They are so jovial. But you never guess who I also met there …

I swear to God. I saw the cast of Violetta. I even spoke to Candelaria Molfese, Facundo Gambandé, Mercedes Lambre and Samuel Nascimento. It may sound weird, but I watch the show. So it was a pleasure to meet them. And it really was a big coincidence since I was there for a task. But I do need to say that they are so sweet and down to earth :)

Fun fact, I have met the parents and brother of the protagonist, but I only did see her when she was on her way to a press interview.

Do you watch this show?
What is your favorite show?




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