Summer vibes

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I don’t now why, but I am so looking forward to the summer. Al those beautiful colors, blooming flowers, sunshine, a tan, the beach, … Lately I have been seeing so much pictures on weheartit and instagram and I thought, why not share them :)

Collage hair

At the moment, I have my hair half down half in a knot. But I love those bohemian details. Ah, so girly! My favorite one is the third one. The flower crown completes it.

Collage clothes

As for clothes, I am totally not wearing anything similar to the pictures. A pair of jeans, a sweater and my adidas by Rita Ora sneakers. But it’s winter. It’s ok! As for the pictures, I’m normally not that kind of girl that loves this girly style, but changes happen. And right now, I am really loving it! As favorite outfit, I have to go with the second. Floral print leggings, a simple T-shirt and a nice fedora! It’s something between my usual style and the girly girl style :)

I hope you liked this kind of post. Getting in the summer mood :)

Tell me in the comments which photos you like the most.



Source pictures I collage: 1234

Source pictures II collage: 123456

Source of the first picture: 1


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