Let it snow


I woke up really early today because of my exam. They told us ‘Your exam will be in an auditorium in a hospital.’ A place where I usually don’t have any classes. So, I needed to take an early train to find that place. What a journey.

It was freezing and raining when I left home. It was still dark. When I got to that hospital, I needed to pass several creepy hallways. Some of them weren’t even lit. I felt like I was in a paranormal activity movie. Not that I’m easily scared. But it just felt really weird. I could easily have been kidnapped. Haha. Ok lol. That wouldn’t have happened I guess.


On the way home I took some photo’s from the scenery just because snowy places look so nice. Maybe train rails are not the most beautiful thing to capture. But with a little snow it looks a little bit more presentable, right?

You now, I prefer summer but I do enjoy the snow and the cozy feeling it gives. Speaking of cozy. During this time of the year, you could always find me on my bed with a blanket, my laptop and a hot cocoa.

What do you do during a cold day?

Muchos besos,



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