Exam bag

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Hey cuties! šŸ˜‚
I just want to show you my bag that I am using duringĀ the exam period. The brand is Esprit. It can hold everything that I need and it givesĀ a cute touch to my outfit which is effortless during this time of the year. For example, I need my glasses. So I have to put them in a case when I’m not wearing them. I also need a sharpie or a ballpoint roller. And maybe a (comic) book for on the train on the way back home. A snack for on the way. You know me. I’m all about food. Hehe. Maybe some extra not really important stuff.

Usually, I take my black backpack from Dakine. It has red details on it. I think that it’s a male version but I don’t care. It looks so sturdy. It was either theĀ cool version or a girly one with so much color that it almost looksĀ kitch. Let me know in the comments what u usually use for high school or for college. Are you a backpacker, schoulderbag person or handbag person.


Muchos besos,



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