The boredom of stupid


I was scrolling through WeHeartIt and suddenly I came by this picture. It’s such a strong quote and I started thinking. This week was my study week and the two weeks before I had Christmas break. The perfect timing to study for my exams, which start tomorrow. But is it weird that I am so bored and that I feel like it’s summer vacation? And I’m not talking about hot weather (because it’s actually very cold and it does rain a lot). I am talking about that laid back feeling, that nothing in the world could tear you apart. Like you’re on top of the world! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Well, It’s weird that I have that feeling because tomorrow I have my first exam. I tried to study and to read as much as possible but I always get so demotivated. Not that it’s not interesting. On the contrary, I really like it. I need to study a lot of literature and culture. More specific, English literature and the Spanish/Hispanic culture. And also the history of the Greeks and the Roman empire.

That’s of course not everything that I need to study. The things I don’t really look forward to are linguistics and the literary theory. I’d rather do math or science (I was really good at them in high school), but yeah. That’s just me I guess.

I hope I didn’t bore you with this kind of sad story. Anyway, thanks for reading. I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog.


Muchos besos,


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