Lay’s Collection Tapas


This is kind of a random post. But I recently discovered Lay’s new flavors. It may be possible that they’ve available in the stores for several months, but for me they’re new. It’s the tapas collection from Lay’s. Tapas is a Spanish thing. I guess you can compare it to little starters at a restaurant. Or just some fingerfood for when you want something with your drink. The flavors are pesto and olives. To me, pesto reminds me of Italy and olives of Greece.

The pesto flavor is my favorite. You definitely can recognize it if you taste it. I love ‘la cucina italiana’, so everything that has something to do with it … Love it. Mi piace! (Pardon my Italian)

The other flavor, olives, was less of a favorite. Just because it felt like I was eating crunchy olives. Lol. They literally taste just the same as green ones. But don’t get me wrong. I love olives on my pizza, in a salad, or just right out of the jar. Let me know if you would try them.


Muchos besos,



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