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Kenza Zouiten

If you’ve read some of my posts, you would have noticed that I spend a lot of time on the internet. I do follow some blogs myself. Some are about fashion, some are beauty related. I think that I’m not following any native English speakers’ blog. For example, Kenza Zouiten from Sweden. She is a fashion blogger. Lots of outfit posts. But also personal posts. I love variation.

Her style is so fun. Sometimes girly (skirts and dresses) and sometimes just casual but still nice. I did follow her on instagram for a long time. But I do follow her blog since a few months I guess. Can’t seem to remember the exact period. But yeah. She recently posted what she achieved in 2014. So interesting. Maybe you want to check it out too? Here are the links:

Link 1

Link 2

A random fact: she is half Moroccan. I think it’s cool. Just because those are my peepz ;p By the way, I love her blog design. There is a Dutch blogger who makes her own blog design. (She’s 15 years old … What?) A really talented girl. Voor de Nederlanders en Belgen, ik heb het over Jiami van Check out her blog design. Cool, right? I wish I could make one.


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