The legend of …

What? No picture? … Let your imagination do the work!

Today, I woke up with a weird feeling. I had some sort of dream that took me back to the Middle Ages. The time with castles, dragons, witches, sorcerers, kings and queens, peasants, knights and other mythical creatures. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I almost have exams and some of my subject matters were about myths and the middle ages. Or maybe not. But either way, I find my dream very intriguing and strange at the same time.

It al started peacefully in a mythical village. Something happened, you know, there is always something happening so that the peace is disturbed. (Otherwise there wouldn’t be a story, right?) I am not going to spill what it was about. But the weird part was that I didn’t look at a ‘play’ but I was actually one of the characters. And right when I thought the quest was brought to an end and the peace would be restored, there was a plot twist that my brain made up and that I didn’t see coming. But after all, it ended with peace.

I wrote it down in Dutch but I’m considering to type out the dream in English and to let my sister and a friend read it. If they think it’s a nice ‘legend’ I may post it on my blog.


Muchos besos,



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