Finally … But not really


Yesterday there was a massive strike in our whole country and because of that I couldn’t go to uni. So I used (read waste) my time watching movies. Some of them were Dutch movies, other were American. And suddenly I realized that this week is our last week before Christmas and New Years break. 

For a moment I was so happy, but then the disappointment came to me. After our two week break, we have a buffer week. Not for happy reasons, but to be able to study for our exams. It’s kind of stressing me out and at the same time it gives me a little bit of relief. It sounds weird, I’m aware of that. But It’s my first year at a university. Therefor I don’t know what to expect from exams.

I know it’s much more difficult than high school. But I’ve never really done anything in that period. I was such a youtube addict. I watched beauty videos, challenges, vlogs, DIY’s, random video’s about nothing special, …. It had never affected my grades. But as I grew older, I started realizing that that’s not good. First of all, it’s a waste of time watching several hours a day. And second, It’s not possible when It’s (almost) exams.

I just wanted to share this little story about how important it is to use your time well. I hope that this piece inspires people and that they see that education is so important. Of course I will still be watching some youtube videos or some movies. But studying should be a priority.

I hope the people who just did finish their exams (high school students for example) did really well and I wish all other students who do have exams in januari (or on another period) the best of luck.

You can do it!!! Just believe in yourself.


Muchos besos,


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