Aloe vera body butter


I decided to buy a new body butter because my last container is empty. And since it’s freezing, my skin could really use that extra moisturizing.


I was really looking forward to buy the limited edition holiday version. More specific the Glazed apple* body butter. But my skin is so dry and that’s why I decided to buy the aloe vera one.
(*If you click on the link, you will be redirected to a very well known Dutch blog. You can see the collection in the pictures)


This body butter is not scented because it’s for the dry, sensitive skin. It does moisturize very well.

What I love about The Body Shop is the fact that they’re against animal testing and they support community fair trade. It does make the product more expensive but it’s worth it.

I paid €18- for the body butter. It contains 200ml / 6.75 OZ.


Muchos besos,



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